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Enlightened, compassionate and concerned - these qualities embody the life and work of Ann Partis, a staunch Victorian Presbyterian who was determined to make a difference to the lives of women left in 'reduced circumstances'.

In 1825 her ambition became reality and Partis College was founded - a term then used to refer to "like minded" or "similarly situated" people.


A collection of houses, complete with a chapel and gatekeepers lodge was built on land just outside the centre of Bath to provide respectable housing for ladies facing financial hardship and an uncertain future. This was often due to the death or desertion of a husband or other male relative upon whom they had been so dependent.


These ladies were the bereaved widows, daughters and unmarried sisters of clergymen, merchants, soldiers and other professions.

There was then little real help to be had for women who were on their own and of modest means.


Partis proved to be a haven for distressed gentlewomen and a secure place to live amongst others in the same situation.


Nowadays Partis is home to women of diverse backgrounds and circumstances, who also share many things in common; a need for somewhere suitable and affordable to live independently, a mature age and Christian values.

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T: +44 (0) 1225 421532...... E: The Partis Room, Partis College, Partis Way, Bath BA1 3QD..........Registered Charity Commission No. 200606.