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“Quite simply, it was need that made me apply to live here. I was divorced in my late forties and had to rely on relatives for somewhere to live. I stayed with my daughter for 10 years until she had to move with her job. I was struggling financially and emotionally. It was a difficult time then but now I’ve never had it so good. I love living here.”


“When I was nearing retirement age I moved back to the UK after living in Australia. Our business had gone bust and I needed to make a decision about what to do for the best for me and my teenage children. I’d had a live-in job as a companion/driver for 10 years and accommodation was part of the package. When that ended I would have been living in a bedsit and penniless if it wasn’t for Partis.”

“I was forced to sell up when I got divorced. Then I retired and had money problems. It could have been a really terrible time in knowing where to go and what to do. I’d heard about Partis and the Christian aspect was important to me. Since I moved here 10 years ago, I value the friendship and company. Isolation can be a big problem for the elderly, but there’s no need to feel lonely here.”


“I was ready to open boxes, both in my life and literally.  As a church army minister I’d worked all over the country. I’d lived in caravans, digs and bedsits and wasn’t wedded to bricks and mortar. But when I retired that changed. It was time to take stock. This has been my home more than anything I’ve ever had before.”

“I’d cared for my husband who had Alzheimer’s for a long time and when I was widowed quite recently, I became quite depressed and wondered what to do. I had a daughter who lived near Bath, but there was no possibility of me affording to live here. And then I found Partis. It’s like a new lease of life and I’m so happy here.”
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