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History & heritage

While most Victorian philanthropists sought to help the working class poor, Ann Partis broke the mould.  She was concerned about the fate of ladies who faced homelessness and poverty from another walk of life.

Although from a different background, they also suffered difficulty, distress and ‘reduced circumstances’ when a husband or father had died or left. Heavily dependent on a male relative to provide a decent home and way of life, these women were often at the mercy of someone to take them in.


When Ann’s retired and wealthy lawyer husband Fletcher moved from London to Bath, they agreed it was time to take action. Together they had recognised a very real need and they also had the means to do something about it.


In 1820 Fletcher purchased a large plot of land in Newbridge Hill to build a row of Bath stone terraced residences within walled grounds.

Sadly, he died just six weeks later and it was then left to Ann, ironically now a widow herself, to single-handedly drive their vision forward. She accomplished this with a passion.


As both founder and benefactor, she dedicated herself to the ambitious scheme and her concern for providing self-contained quality homes in a secure environment is still obvious.


Now, as then, Partis provides comfortable, life-long accommodation for women. A home and haven in one.

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