Frequently asked questions

There are bound to be many questions when considering whether Partis is right for you or someone you know. Here are some of the more commonly asked ones. You will have others and we welcome all enquiries.

Who lives at Partis?

We are currently giving priority to applicants between the ages of 65 and 80 who are no longer working full-time and find themselves in reduced financial circumstances and in need of affordable accommodation in Bath.


What exactly is almshouse accommodation?

Almshouses have been part of this country’s life for generations & still play an important role in providing charitable housing for those in need.

What sort of personal circumstances apply?

Divorce, separation, bereavement, loss of live-in job accommodation on retirement, bankruptcy & other changes in life which adversely effect finances, home & personal circumstances.


Do I need to be religious?

We uphold Ann Partis’ legacy & applications from women holding broad Christian beliefs and values are given preference.

Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately we can’t have pets here. We do though have close links with a local animal charity that will help to re-home your pet.


Is there a waiting list?

At present the College is fully occupied; a record of applicants suitable for interview can be kept on file but vacant houses are always allocated on priority of need.


Is there a warden?

No. Partis is not a residential care, nursing home or sheltered housing provider. Residents need to be in sound health and able to manage their own house & garden.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Partis takes care of the maintenance of the grounds & the repair & upkeep of the buildings. Residents are responsible for keeping their homes in good order. A handyman & gardener are available to help with small jobs.


What are the monthly charges and do they change?

The Maintenance Charge paid monthly is akin to a rent and reviewed annually. It varies as our houses differ in size, but is significantly below typical current rental prices.

How do I apply to live there?

Please contact the administration officer for an Application Form which asks for your personal & financial details & references. If invited for informal interview you will meet the Administration Officer and some trustees & have a look at what Partis has to offer.


Do I have to have connections with Bath to live here?

Not at all. Our residents come from throughout the UK or are returning to the UK from overseas destinations.


T: +44 (0) 1225 421532...... E: The Partis Room, Partis College, Partis Way, Bath BA1 3QD..........Registered Charity Commission No. 200606.